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starting at 5.9 grams


A MAGNESIUM frame weighs between 5.9 and 6.5 grams.

Those frames come with an innovation, using magnesium for the front. The lightness of this material is exceptional, and can be felt simply by lifting a frame..



    95% pure magnesium

    The front is milled in 95% pure Magnesium. At that level of purity, Magnesium is 2,5 lighter than Titanium. It is also impossible to weld. Therefore, an integrated rimlock makes the bridge between the Magnesium front and the metal temples.

    Titanium alloy - thin, light and flexible

    Temples and rimlocks are cut from a high-performance titanium alloy. Its outstanding mechanical properties are made possible by its quasicristal structure awarded 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. It is unique for its excellent joining and forming properties and its extremely high tensile strength.

    Bio Acetate from Mazzucchelli, made in Italy

    Rims and temple tips are made out of bio acetate from Mazzucchelli. The fabrication process of this acetate manages to avoid a big part of polluting solvents used in traditional processes.


    Adjustable ergonomics

    As with Rimless frames, different shapes of pad arms are available, making almost any perfect fit possible for any type of nose.